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Symphony Scents

Master List Vendors

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Discount price $30. After liquidation this list will be available for 30 days at full price which will be $100. Don’t wait! Price is firm. 
This is a master list of the vendors we ordered products from. Most are top tier fragrance suppliers, they don't offer their products to the general public and do not offer websites to purchase from. You will need to contact their sales departments and establish an account. There are a few companies in this list where they do sell to the public. It took over two decades to assemble this list. It is valubale information, we hope you can appreciate our reasoning for charging for it and ask that you do not share it. You are purchasing intellectual property.

Once payment is received you will receive an emailed link within 48 hours though likely much faster depending on the day and time. PLEASE be sure the email you provide is correct, we will not forward this purchase to any other address. It is up to you to assure your information is accurate. The emailed link will take you to a Google Document where you may download and/or print a copy. It is strongly recommended that you do so as this link will only be valid for 90 days past the closing of our company. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE LINK WITHIN 48 HOURS SEND US AN EMAIL, CHAT, OR TEXT/CALL.  We will only send the link to one address, one time. 


































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